Conspiracy Theories

If you’re one of 3 people who reads this blog (Hi, Sam!), you’ve probably been up late wrestling with one question for the past year: Why hasn’t The Kosbie Show posted an updated in so long? Instead of giving you a direct answer, I’ve cooked up some excuses  conspiracy theories! Just call me Mel Gibson. (Pre-2002 Mel Gibson. Oh, Mel from Braveheart/The Patriot/Maverick! Where did you go?! Where you ever real? Probably not.). Here are the top 4 conspiracy theories about why there hasn’t been an update on this blog in so long. To find out if a theory is true or not, hover over the image that follows. Continue reading


New Identity

Quick life update! I was texting a friend/co-worker the other day, and because I secretly want to be Gossip Girl, I signed off “Glynnis xoxox” (or some combination of Xs and Os). My smart phone, thinking that I was being stupid and overly affectionate, auto-corrected the Xs and Os into “dioxide.” At first I was offended, but then I realized the awesomeness of this combination of words.
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Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping….

The older I get, the faster time seems to move. It’s crazy! It also makes me want to go back to visit Glynnis of the past and give her a good, hard shake. Like this:

But knowing myself like I do, I bet young Glynnis would not have listened:

*Sigh* I wonder if I ever really thought anyone was buying that story…anyway! What I’m getting at is this: time moves quickly, there’s so much to do, and then BAM! You turn around and realize that you haven’t updated your blog since Halloween! I’ve been super busy doing all kind of stuff. Like:

  1. Getting Engaged! My gentleman friend and I have decided to hang out forever, and it’s really exciting. Right after we got engaged, we went to visit my family in Connecticut to celebrate Halloween (the best holiday of all), and then there was a flippin’ snowpocalypse that devastated my hometown and RUINED Halloween. There WAS no Halloween or electricity, or hot water, or heat. It was awful. But don’t worry, we got our engagement picture:

    Cold, greasy, and wearing my Dad's clothes. Nothing says "ROMANCE" like a destructive force of nature.

  2. Acting/Playing/Being a MOVIE STAR (sort of)! I worked with a really fantastic sketch troupe this fall/winter and had a blast. AND! It lead to me making my film debut. I got to play a cop AND swear! Please enjoy:

  3. Doing Crap Like This To Kosbie:

I’ll post again soon, friends! Until then, take a picture of you and your pet dressed in the same outfit and post it in the comments! 

I am an artiste…not.

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVED Google’s homage to Cézanne today. It got me thinking about art and expression and that got me thinking, “Hey, I like to draw – why don’t I try to, but like for real?” So, I grabbed my handy sketch pad and set out to find a subject worthy of my creative expression. I chose this picture of my gentleman friend and me that I keep on my nightstand:

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Want more Glynnis in your life?

Let me start my by saying that I am mortified to see that my last post was almost a MONTH ago! How did that happen? No, seriously, I think I might have blacked out or something…maybe it’s all the espresso. Anyway! I wanted to let you know that you don’t have to long and yearn and pine for my blogging magic anymore! While The Kosbie Show might continue to be neglected, I’ll be blogging for the theatre company I’m currently doing a show with! Check it out here. I’m totally thrilled to be working on a project that allows me to meld the things I love to do (act, write, laugh) together. Plus, if you read my theatre blog, you’ll see lots of cool stuff like this:

Yeah, that's me as a football. Badass, I know.

So check it out, Kosbie fans! Also, if you’re in the area, you can come see the show and watch me do what I do! On a completely unrelated, but totally important note – what is everyone being for Halloween? My gentleman and I are going as The Gatekeeper and The Keymaster from Ghostbusters (in human form, not dog). In case you don’t remember/don’t know (if you don’t know – netflix it NOW):


I will be posting pictures of us, don’t worry.

What is love? (Baby don’t hurt me.)

I recently went to a wedding and it got me to thinking about that four letter word: LOVE. There are so many different ways to express it! A warm meal, a hug, getting up in front of all the people you love and promising to take care of your best friend for the rest of your lives, a valentine. There are a myriad of ways to show someone you care about them. But what I want to focus on are the smaller, more subtle ways that one could express love. Each post of this week, I’ll present an act of love that I have experienced or performed. Maybe yinz can even get inspired and use my blog to improve your relationships! As always, comments and suggestions (like cake and cookies) are welcome!

Small Act of Love #1: Not eating all the Italian Four Cheese Cheez-Its because you know that your gentleman friend might want to try them…because he was the one who bought them. Self control is something that I don’t have a lot of when it comes to snacks, but because I care so much for him, I really try to not eat all the good snacks before my gentleman friend gets home. Nothing says I love you like being able to keep your significant other in mind when you’re having a hypoglycemic werewolf snack attack*, right?

*This phrase was developed by my genius friend, Rachel.

“I am no strumpet!”

Hi guys! It’s Friday! And my day off! I apologize in advance if this post is a little all over the place, but I’ve got lots to share with you and I can’t think of a good way to connect all of it together in a cohesive narrative. I think bullet points might be the best way to tackle my scatterbrained…ness?

  • I’ve been meaning to post about this sooner, but I’ve drawn some comics for the kick-ass website, Strawberries and Scream, and you should totally go check them out!
  • I thought you might enjoy a picture from the show I’m in right now. Collaborative Arts presents: Othello by William Shakespeare (I play Bianca, a courtesan – but you might have been able to guess that after seeing the picture).

Working it.

  • I joined the Twitter! I’m sure you could tell by the Twitter updates over there on the sidebar under the words “ME ON THE TWITTER.” I finally signed up after years of resisting because Marian convinced me and she’s the best. If I’ve got any tweeters out there, follow me! Or not, it’s your call. My username is Glynnis_O
  • FYI – My gentleman friend was not pleased about the Coupon Crazy post I wrote. It got even worse when it turned out to be one of my most popular entries…200 views and counting. Thus, he has decided to retaliate and write a guest post for The Kosbie Show which I am “not allowed to edit at all.” This should be interesting…something to look forward to in the coming weeks!
  • Last but not least, because it’s Friday and we all love to laugh, check out this video of two of my favorite comediennes/heroes, Madeline Kahn and Gilda Radner.

Well, that’s all for now folks! You have a good weekend, Kosbie fans!