C is for Cookie Cake

Hey! Remember that time I took an extra long, long weekend for 4th of July and didn’t post anything on my blog for like, a week!? Yeah, that sucked. Sorry, guys. But you know what? It’s not even my fault. I blame the insane amount of sugar coursing through my veins after eating the world’s […]

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BLERG! Apologies to those who received the premature version of this post – I’m just keeping you on your toes? Or having a brain fart. You decide! Anyhoo! What I was saying was that maybe I am just a little bit ridiculous because when I recently balanced my check book, I found this in my wallet: For […]

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Written in the stars!

So the other day I went to the Caribou Coffee with my super, awesome friend VA (yeah, her name is Virginia but I type it VA – keep up, slugs) and while we were there, I grabbed the latest edition of “Coffee News.” For those you who don’t know about “Coffee News,” I suggest you stop […]

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Every time you close your eyes

Hello, friends! Sorry for the lack of posts – I was on a Memorial Day Adventure (more on that later). But never fear! I’m back and will be drawing and writing about the things that are really important: awkward or stupid stuff I did as a child or think about now. Hard hitting journalism over […]

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