Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dog (Part 1)

This morning I woke to the sound of Kosbie (my favorite four-legged friend) throwing up. As I groggily scrubbed the carpet, I wondered why I ever voluntarily brought this hairy, vomit-machine into my life.  Husband had corralled Vomits-bie in the bathroom, and when I went in there to wash up, I saw this:

Sad Vomit Kos

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Conspiracy Theories

If you’re one of 3 people who reads this blog (Hi, Sam!), you’ve probably been up late wrestling with one question for the past year: Why hasn’t The Kosbie Show posted an updated in so long? Instead of giving you a direct answer, I’ve cooked up some excuses  conspiracy theories! Just call me Mel Gibson. (Pre-2002 Mel Gibson. Oh, Mel from Braveheart/The Patriot/Maverick! Where did you go?! Where you ever real? Probably not.). Here are the top 4 conspiracy theories about why there hasn’t been an update on this blog in so long. To find out if a theory is true or not, hover over the image that follows. Continue reading

Love Part 2, The Sequel.

Small Act of Love #2: Allowing your partner (who may or may not have questionable taste in film and television) to have access to your Netflix account. This one seems like a no big deal, but I have single handedly destroyed my gentleman friend’s Netflix identity.  Before I lived with him, this is the kind of greeting he might get when he signed onto his account:

And then I moved in:

My gentleman friend gets a little frustrated by the kinds of suggestions we get on the Netflix now, but mostly he’s just confused:

Also, I refuse to feel ashamed or guilty of my taste in Netflix. If I didn’t watch the Babysitter’s Club movie, the Netflix would never have suggested Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the movie) and I would never have seen Ryan Reynolds looking like this (Roomie, you know you love it):

Script Doodles

Greetings! Today is the first day in forever that the only thing on my “to do” list is “blog.” It. Feels. Glorious. I’ve been burning the jets with work and Othello, so I’m pretty pooped. At the same time, the end of a show is always sad. Theatre is so fleeting! I always look through my script before I put it away and this time, in addition to notes, beat work and thoughts about my character, I found a lot of doodles. I thought it would be fun to catalog the doodles I made throughout the rehearsal process and see what they reveal about me. Here’s a list of my findings: Continue reading

Coupon Crazy

Hey Errrr-body!

It’s me! “Too Busy To Update As Much As I Want To Glynnis!”  Today I am going to write  a little bit about my personal life, so get ready for some in your face information about yours truly (it’s not that in your face, I’m just sensationalizing so that you will keep reading)! I’ve recently started cohabitating with my gentleman friend and it is awesome. It’s like hang out time with your best friend ALL THE TIME! In addition to getting to spend lots of my time with my gentleman friend, I get to learn things about him that I may not have noticed before we lived in the same place. The most interesting thing I have learned thus far is that my gentleman friend LOVES coupons. HARD. Continue reading

C is for Cookie Cake

Hey! Remember that time I took an extra long, long weekend for 4th of July and didn’t post anything on my blog for like, a week!? Yeah, that sucked. Sorry, guys. But you know what? It’s not even my fault. I blame the insane amount of sugar coursing through my veins after eating the world’s most awesome, patriotic, cookie cake ever:

Land of the free! Home of the CRAVE...ING FOR COOKIES!

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