What is this?
A place for stories, comics, pictures, and quotes that aren’t really that important, but might make you laugh.

Who am I?
I am a lady who enjoys a good laugh. This is me and Kosbie:

Me and Kos! In your FACE!

Who is Kosbie?
Only the best friend I ever bought! She’s a twelve-year-old rescue who was found wandering around South Carolina, in heat. Kosbie likes eating, anything that makes a squeaky noise and going for walks/running away.  For more info about Kos, click here. Also, she has some seriously hairy toes:

Kosbie’s feet.

Why would you name your dog Kosbie?!
Husband and I decided to name all of our pets after comedians and comediennes we love.


*When I say “us all,” I mean educated Iruvian women like me.


2 thoughts on “About/FAQs

  1. Love the Kosbie picture! Also like those cartoons about your years in Parochial School. Hope they didn’t scar you for life… like giving you an aversion to going to church on Sundays…



  2. Love the pic of your dog’s feet. I just happened on your page and thought that her feet look like the cute hands of the Grinch. With the holidays so near, the reference was apparently fresh in my head.

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