Fearless February! <3

Rabbit, rabbit!
Song to Listen to While Reading this Post:
“Giving Up the Gun” by Vampire Weekend

Good Morning!
Glynnis Here – wishing everyone who is reading this a wonderful morning.
I’m having coffee on a Gray, Grey Day in the Queen City.
I know that February is a loaded month for all of us – good & bad.
I have so many things to be thankful for in this shortest, hottest month – I have a birthday almost every day of a close friend or family member.
There is Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Roses! Chocolate! BINGE!
A tip?
(Warning: this tip will make everyone see red as soon as I write it, but:)
Count Your Blessings

I know!
RED! That piece of advice always makes me see red, but then I remember that red is the color of passion and fire, and as long as I keep those Aquarian close to my red, red heart, it’s be all good.

Remember that being Fearless is NOT always the same as having no fear!
“Nothing is terrible except fear itself”- Sir Francis Bacon.

Getting up out of bed counts as bravery in my book.



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