Halloween Post – Update!

Happy Monday, Kosbie Fans! For those of you who’ve read my Halloween post from a few years ago, you know that when I was a 7th grader, I went to my school’s Halloween dance dressed as Uncle Fester. Just so you all know that I’m not making this stuff up, I present the following evidence, unearthed by my little sister (and posted to facebook, of course).

Let’s take a closer look.

Not one hint of irony in those eyes - just pure, candy-fueled joy.

The future of America.

That is all.


6 thoughts on “Halloween Post – Update!

  1. Either I missed that dance or I don’t remember it. I feel like it’s the former rather than the latter because that looks like a memorable costume. Makes me think of that Nintendo game Fester’s Quest. I probably dressed as way more embarrassing things for Halloween. I’m pretty sure all of my costumes in those years were Star Wars themed haha.

  2. I missed this because I was out of town and I’m going to say that it’s the single biggest tragedy of my life. Tears in my eyes. Glynnis, I wish we’d be friends as 7th graders.

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