Conspiracy Theories

If you’re one of 3 people who reads this blog (Hi, Sam!), you’ve probably been up late wrestling with one question for the past year: Why hasn’t The Kosbie Show posted an updated in so long? Instead of giving you a direct answer, I’ve cooked up some excuses  conspiracy theories! Just call me Mel Gibson. (Pre-2002 Mel Gibson. Oh, Mel from Braveheart/The Patriot/Maverick! Where did you go?! Where you ever real? Probably not.). Here are the top 4 conspiracy theories about why there hasn’t been an update on this blog in so long. To find out if a theory is true or not, hover over the image that follows.

  1. Kosbie has taken over – the dog is in control now and has forbidden me to update this blog because she claims that I only use it as a way to embarrass her on the internet.
    Kosbie: household pet or evil dictator??
    Kosbie: household pet or evil dictator??


  2. I have run out of material to blog about – maybe over the past months, my life has slowed down, and I have ceased to do anything embarrassing/funny/interesting/humiliating?? That is what this blog is all about.
    Glynnis: staying on the straight and narrow?
    Glynnis: staying on the straight and narrow?


  3. Maturity. Perhaps over the past year or so, I have realized that living my life is more important that writing about my life. Maybe I have renounced the internet and blogs and social media because I am older and wiser and don’t feel the need to chronicle every moment of my life. Isn’t that what’s wrong with my generation? I mean, who cares, right?
    Grown up drinks for a grown up Glynnis?
    Grown up drinks for a grown up Glynnis?


  4. El Niño. That tricksy band of anomalously warm ocean water temperatures has been blamed for much worse than this. Maybe it’s a force of nature that’s kept me from blogging all the time? Isn’t that the only rational explanation for my blog silence??
    El Niño: Spanish for "The Niño."
    El Niño: Spanish for “The Niño.”

    Have no fear, Kosbie fans. I feel a change in the weather coming…we won’t be living in the shadow of the tyrant El Niño for very much longer…


8 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories

  1. Mel I loved your work Pre-2002. Lots of great films. You’re hit or miss now but you still have some okay movies now and again. Your poor dog and the embarrassing photos! At least she looks very regal in this shot. Glad to hear that you haven’t become too mature or boring to run out of material. Can’t believe El Nino has been keeping you down. That’s a bummer. Remember the most important wisdom Chris Farley imparted upon us: “El Nino is Spanish for….THE NINO.”

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