Sasquatch Snickers




That’s my arm. I am not tiny. 
What is wrong with America?!
Note the “Slice and Share,” probably added so that  MARS wouldn’t be sued by some poor fool who might actually buy this as one-person snack. 
It’s so heavy – it feels like a bag of rice.

I totally bought it.*

* Ok, I’m a huge hypocrite. But in my defense, I bought it because it was in the clearance rack at the CVS, and there was only one, and I felt like if it wasn’t in my possession, then it would disappear or something (like a unicorn or a ufo). And then I’d be that guy that was always telling people: “One time I saw a Snickers log that was the size of my forearm!” And everyone would be all, “Really?!” But they wouldn’t believe me. So now I have it!  As a side note, the prescription I was filling was for my insulin, and the pharmacist was totally judging me as he rang me up. His eyes were all, “Should you really be purchasing 17 pounds of chocolate when you are obviously diabetic?”

Pssht. He don’t know me.