Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping….

The older I get, the faster time seems to move. It’s crazy! It also makes me want to go back to visit Glynnis of the past and give her a good, hard shake. Like this:

But knowing myself like I do, I bet young Glynnis would not have listened:

*Sigh* I wonder if I ever really thought anyone was buying that story…anyway! What I’m getting at is this: time moves quickly, there’s so much to do, and then BAM! You turn around and realize that you haven’t updated your blog since Halloween! I’ve been super busy doing all kind of stuff. Like:

  1. Getting Engaged! My gentleman friend and I have decided to hang out forever, and it’s really exciting. Right after we got engaged, we went to visit my family in Connecticut to celebrate Halloween (the best holiday of all), and then there was a flippin’ snowpocalypse that devastated my hometown and RUINED Halloween. There WAS no Halloween or electricity, or hot water, or heat. It was awful. But don’t worry, we got our engagement picture:

    Cold, greasy, and wearing my Dad's clothes. Nothing says "ROMANCE" like a destructive force of nature.
  2. Acting/Playing/Being a MOVIE STAR (sort of)! I worked with a really fantastic sketch troupe this fall/winter and had a blast. AND! It lead to me making my film debut. I got to play a cop AND swear! Please enjoy:

  3. Doing Crap Like This To Kosbie:

I’ll post again soon, friends! Until then, take a picture of you and your pet dressed in the same outfit and post it in the comments! 


10 thoughts on “Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping….

  1. Didn’t know the story about peeing your pants haha, but yeah when you’re a kid you always think stuff like that’s a big deal. When you get older you realize life’s too short to dwell on silly things. Congrats on the engagement and on the acting gig. That sketch was pretty hilarious. My parents got hit pretty hard in that storm, a tree came down which not only totaled one car in the driveway, it also broke the front and back windows of the one next to it. Can’t believe your dog tolerated that headband. She looks bewildered haha.

    1. Thanks for reading, Evan! And for the congratulations. That storm was ridiculous. It was like End Days in West Hartford. Re: the dog – the headband was clawed off .4 seconds after the photo was snapped. I checked out your blog – pretty awesome!

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