Update! McAlister’s Van spotted!!

Ok, so remember that time I approached the McAlister’s van like a crazed cookie/deli-sandwich monster?! Well! My gentleman friend and I went to McAlister’s for lunch the other day and look who we saw there:

The van!!! I realize now that the automobile clearly has the word “CATERING” on it in large letters, so there is no excuse for my ridiculous behavior.  Happily, there was nobody in the car for me to accost this time. Sadly, whoever parked the van did so in the middle of the flippin’ parking lot, so there was crazy traffic, and I didn’t get to have the lengthy photo shoot I wanted/deserved. My gentleman friend did get a decent shot of me pretending to eat an over-sized sandwich:

I don’t think you can tell (because I am such a super awesome model), but this shot was really difficult to take because the Sun was beating down on me mercilessly. If you live in NC, you know what I’m talking about. Every time I’d try to open my eyes really big, they would start to tear up and water. Most of the shots from that afternoon look something like this:

See how in the first picture of me it looks like I am pumping my fist in victory/celebration? It’s actually a fist that I made in order to endure the pain of my eyes being melted by the Sun. 


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