Turn of Phrase I

So, my gentleman friend and I play this game where we take a commonly used phrase or cliché and  change one word or letter in it to make it sound silly (or in some cases, sillier). My next few posts will be illustrations some of our favorites. If I can remember, I will try to give credit to whomever came up with each one, but I admit now that I am a glory monster and might just say that I made them all…unless you think they are not funny. In that case, it was 100% Sam.

First up – let’s tackle that major declaration of love: “I want to share my life with you.” Dull, played out, unoriginal, right? Why not try:

So much more intimate! And honest. Nothing says I love you like swapping parasites. Stay tuned for more fun twisted phrases! If you have a good one, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll see what I can do about bringing your witty turn of phrase to life in MS paint!


3 thoughts on “Turn of Phrase I

    1. Yes! I have a blog that I have neglected since the new year…a lot. But! I am planning on picking back up where I left off, so get excited! Unless you read my older posts and thought they were crap, then you don’t have to read anymore!

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