I am an artiste…not.

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVED Google’s homage to Cézanne today. It got me thinking about art and expression and that got me thinking, “Hey, I like to draw – why don’t I try to, but like for real?” So, I grabbed my handy sketch pad and set out to find a subject worthy of my creative expression. I chose this picture of my gentleman friend and me that I keep on my nightstand:

I decided to go with a Sharpie as my drawing utensil because it’s bold – just like me. Now, I took one semester of drawing in high school and it didn’t go so well…if I remember correctly, the teacher said I had a lot of potential and not enough dedication to developing it. Anyway, one of the things I do remember about the class was that you should spend more time looking at your subject than your paper. So I tried to do that…the results were horrific:

I added Kosbie to the picture and I think she ended up being the best part about it. Maybe I’ll stick to what I’m good at…doodles and stick figures.

Cézanne, you’re the man.


7 thoughts on “I am an artiste…not.

  1. I think that’s a great drawing! If I remember correctly, Cezanne had to paint over his apples and stuff like 100 times to get them perfect, so something tells me his first drawing of an apple might look like Kosbie up there.

    1. Haha – thank you, homes. Your love for me has blinded you, I think. Remember art class at STMS?! It was actually kind of awesome – I remember copying a Degas and thinking it was very impressive…I wonder what I’d think now…

  2. …maybe as impressive as my copy of “Starry Night?” Oh man, remember when we were at an age when we hadn’t yet seen Van Gogh and Degas on approximately 77,000 umbrellas, tote bags, and night lights, and the world still felt like it was full of possibility? REMEMBER?

    Um…anyway…I also enjoy that drawing of Kosbie! And I thought of you today because I saw a baby Kosbie on the street! (While, obviously, being mad bougie and going to a butcher shop to buy raw dog food for Donut and a beer/pretzel-flavored caramel for myself, because being an adult turns you into The Worst.) I’m so glad you’re posting again!

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