Love Part 2, The Sequel.

Small Act of Love #2: Allowing your partner (who may or may not have questionable taste in film and television) to have access to your Netflix account. This one seems like a no big deal, but I have single handedly destroyed my gentleman friend’s Netflix identity.  Before I lived with him, this is the kind of greeting he might get when he signed onto his account:

And then I moved in:

My gentleman friend gets a little frustrated by the kinds of suggestions we get on the Netflix now, but mostly he’s just confused:

Also, I refuse to feel ashamed or guilty of my taste in Netflix. If I didn’t watch the Babysitter’s Club movie, the Netflix would never have suggested Sabrina the Teenage Witch (the movie) and I would never have seen Ryan Reynolds looking like this (Roomie, you know you love it):


18 thoughts on “Love Part 2, The Sequel.

  1. Man I think I love Kevin more than he loves me…if I had Netflix pre-Kevin, it would have looked like yours G, but now it would look weird and Indy-like. I think I’m gonna go watch a chick-flick now 🙂

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