I am alive!

Hey Party People (that’s you guys)!!!! I’m alive! I’ve had a lot going on in my offline life and I apologize for being MIA. I was going to blog about the things that have been keeping me from updating, but when I wrote it out, the list looked all piddly and small and unacceptable. So! I decided to augment the list with things that I’ve been doing that maybe I normally wouldn’t get credit or praise for doing…even though I totally should. See if you can tell which are “legit” activities and which I think SHOULD be legit…but probably aren’t.

  • I got a job! If this isn’t legit, I don’t know what is. I’ve left the ranks of the funemployed and I’m back working for the man.

  • I’ve taken Kosbie out for a walk EVERY day! At least 3 times a day.
  • I made my gentleman friend watch season 1 of True Blood. That’s 12 hours of work right there.
  • I took the bar exam. Ok, fine. Maybe my friend Virginia did that, but I totally bought her a cupcake afterwards and heard all about it. So it’s kind of like I did it?

  • I furminated Kosbie. (Somehow she is still shedding 354 pounds of fur per hour.)
  • I’m in tech week for my show! Any of you out there who’ve done theatre know that tech week means BUSINESS TIME.

  • I found an amazing bakery in the town where I live. They have the most perfect cupcakes. The cake/frosting ratio is spot on and eating them is like going to heaven .
  • Kicking up the job search – as  I mentioned earlier, I’ve acquired employment, but it’s part time, so I’m still on the hunt for work and I’ve even had a few interviews! (Marian, this doodle reminds me of all that you are battling in the universe.)

  • I’ve read 300 pages of The Bastard. The main character, Phillipe, got drunk with Benjamin Franklin. Epic.
  • I have made progress catching up to the current season of Dexter. If you don’t watch this show, start immediately. I just finished season 2 and it was AWESOME. Watching this series can be emotionally draining and time consuming.

So yeah! That’s what’s been going on…the list still looks really short… Anyhoo! I promise to write again soon, friends! OH! And guess what else! I got a scanner!!! Well, technically, I didn’t get anything. My gentleman friend got a 3-in-1 printer/scanner/copier and is going to let me use it! This means that SOON I will be posting hand drawn comics again! Toot toot!! Just have to set the little guy up – that should be happening in the next few days, so get excited! Also, if you enjoy ridiculous pictures of me, check out the updated Cookie Cake post for a special treat!


10 thoughts on “I am alive!

  1. HA! I got a picture! That’s me with the “legit” briefcase. Glynnis has indeed been busy watching me have fits of mania induced by too many note cards written with sharpie and long hours studying riveting things like civil procedure (I mean, doesn’t everyone love subject matter jurisdiction?).

    Plus, I wish I looked _half_ that cool when I recited Shakespeare. Nice skull 😉

  2. 1. That cartoon rocked my world. ROCKED. MY. WORLD.
    2. Dexter is awesome. Like, ridiculously so.
    3. Nice to have you back. I get cranky when there’s no Glynnis on the interwebs.
    4. That’s actually kind of it, but 3 numbers looked to short to have a listed comment and then I’d have to go delete the numbers and reformat. Hence, 4 numbers instead of 3.

    LOVE YOU, G!

    p.s. Can we date when I come home for Thanksgiving? Because Greenwich and wherever the fuck you live in CT aren’t that far. We could meet halfway?! Pweeze? Because I want to hold you like the River Jordan.

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