Speak fluent Kosbie!

Merry Monday, Readers! I figured I’d kick this week off with a Kosbie post, since I haven’t written about her in a while. Plus, she is the star of the blog (even though my image has replaced hers as the header – that’s just for you, Leemar). Anyhoosies! You know how people who have babies […]

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Worst Case Scenario 2

I totally LOVED your responses to my Worst Case Scenario post so I decided to draw a few of your suggestions! Seriously. They learned how to open doors in Jurassic Park and even sassily tapped their huge-ass claws when the human children didn’t surrender to their destiny as Scooby Snacks. And they killed Samuel L. […]

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C is for Cookie Cake

Hey! Remember that time I took an extra long, long weekend for 4th of July and didn’t post anything on my blog for like, a week!? Yeah, that sucked. Sorry, guys. But you know what? It’s not even my fault. I blame the insane amount of sugar coursing through my veins after eating the world’s […]

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BLERG! Apologies to those who received the premature version of this post – I’m just keeping you on your toes? Or having a brain fart. You decide! Anyhoo! What I was saying was that maybe I am just a little bit ridiculous because when I recently balanced my check book, I found this in my wallet: For […]

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