And The Living’s Easy

Summer is here! Ok, so, it officially starts on Monday, but any of you who have a dog and no central air like me know that it is here (de facto) in full force. I was walking Kos this morning and saw them filling up the town pool! So many good memories of summer time. Popsicles, pools, cook outs, vacation and camp (I never went to camp but it felt like something that should be on the list)! Don’t you wish that you could have scribbly, visual representations of them? YOU DO!? Then shoot me an e-mail with your story and maybe you’ll see it up around here this summer! Check out the new contact page (fancy fancy) for info!

Kosbie in full panting mode

7 thoughts on “And The Living’s Easy

  1. Andy has made poochie popsicles – beef soup or bouillon in an old ice cube tray that you never plan to use again. But only feed them to her outside – its really messy!

  2. My mom’s dog, Lily literally lies on top of the AC vents on the floor. To the point that she covers the entire vent. Girl has it down. 😉 Can’t wait to see you and Kosbie soon!! When are you coming to NC? (I know I’ve asked this a million times, but I can’t remember the date)

  3. clearly some Spain memories should be in scribble…either when we went there or when they came here…boys in the Jeep is one great one we can all reminisce fondly about haha

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