Diamonds Don’t Bling In The Dark

Merry Monday, readers! I hope you all had fantastical weekends! I spent mine watching soccer, hanging out with my sisters and getting addicted to True Blood. I fought it for so long, but I finally caved. I’m only a little bit into season 1, so nobody tell me what happens! I know the vampire thing is way over done and there is a lot of sexy time in the show, but it’s refreshing to see so many diverse, complex characters interacting with one another and lots of themes and ideas at work.  Plus! Artie from Glee is totes on the show! SOLD!

Moving along: In an attempt to prove to myself that my attention span is longer than Kosbie’s and that I am capable of reading something besides blogs, I recently decided to take on the literary classic “The Woman In White” by Wilkie Collins.  I guess it serves me right for picking a book by a guy who was good buddies with Charles Dickens because that book was LONG, yo!  662 pages, tiny font and not one picture! I can just see them proof reading: “Nice work, Wilkie, but don’t you think that this section could be a little bit longer” Whipper snapper cheek aside, I really did enjoy the book. So! I decided to draw some of my favorite scenes! I apologize for the highly specific cartoon that some people may not like or understand, but I promise not to make a huge habit of it. And also: read it, guys! It’s a classic (it says so on the cover)! Don’t you want to read something written by a man addicted to opium who believed he was always hanging out with a subjective doppelgänger he named “Ghost Wilkie?” Seriously.


8 thoughts on “Diamonds Don’t Bling In The Dark

  1. OH MY GOD TRUE BLOOD. Hottest thing on TV. So glad you’re getting addicted, though I didn’t even notice that Artie was in it… Woot woot!

    Anyhoodle, I’m obsessed with you. And most women named Marian are actually really hot and don’t have mustaches. Just sayin’

    1. For serial – True Blood – it’s so good. And if we’re coming clean about obsessions…you and any yogurt covered snack are battling it out for number one right now. Your blog is looking fantastical lately, btws.

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