Watch out! They spit!

Time Out: how I wish you were still the worst thing that could happen if I mess up! I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I was getting into all KINDS of trouble when I was just a little Glynnis.

I did a whole bunch of stupid stuff (a lot of which you will see around here in comic form) but there were really only two things that were forbidden in our house: lying or running away. As a child in our family, if you did something wrong, you admitted to it and stuck around to deal with the consequences. I only have one memory of my older sister trying to escape punishment by fleeing from the house. I watched in horror from the window as my mother morphed into some kind of big cat and overtook my long legged sister in a matter of moments. I don’t think I ever tried to run away from my parents after that. The lying? It took a little longer to learn that one. What can I say? I’ve always been a story teller. ‘Til next time, readers: be cool, don’t lie and never, EVER run.

Not lying = so cool right now.


7 thoughts on “Watch out! They spit!

  1. Glynnis, for some reason I feel like Brendan had a LITTLE more to say about you spitting on him then “UGH!” hahaha LOVE YOU! I’m sure Mal followed along and spat with you…

    • It’s cuz all the cool kids spit. It shows they are assertive and in charge of their own destinies – or at least the destinies of the carpets in the house.

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