Worst Case Scenario

Every year, my gentleman friend and his brothers participate in the Kick It 3 V 3 Soccer Tournament (which, I just learned by looking at the website, is “The road to WALT DISNEY WORLD Resort…” Funny… I would have guessed I-95).  So, I love my gentleman friend and his brothers very much and would really like to play with […]

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Written in the stars!

So the other day I went to the Caribou Coffee with my super, awesome friend VA (yeah, her name is Virginia but I type it VA – keep up, slugs) and while we were there, I grabbed the latest edition of “Coffee News.” For those you who don’t know about “Coffee News,” I suggest you stop […]

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Be Back Soon!

For the dozens (ok, 2) of you who panicked (alright, fine! not panicked…noticed) when you didn’t get a new Kosbie Show post today – don’t worry! I’m alive. I’m on a personal adventure right now, but I’ll be back posting regularly later this week with tales of my adventure! Just to entice you, it involves […]

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Normally I’m a lover, not a fighter, but today’s comic is inspired by one of my readers and probes at one of the deepest, most important questions that man grapples with: what would it take for you to eat a pair of your own underwear? This post is going to be short and sweet because […]

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