5th Grade Religion Class

Ah, catholic school! So many good memories and in all of them, I’m wearing the same thing. I don’t know how many of  you guys went to parochial school, but if you didn’t, you missed out on some cool stuff. “Like what,” you ask? Like, way too many things to count, but here’s a short  list:

  • Uniforms/learning to express yourself through accessorizing
  • “Family Life,” i.e., Health class sans pesky birth control lectures
  • GRAMMAR. Can YOU diagram sentences and name the 48 most commonly used prepositions? Because I can. Or used to be able to do it…
  • Blessing of the animals. How awesome is this one? In October to celebrate St. Francis, you got to bring your pet to school to get anointed…unless you aren’t “responsible enough” for a real pet. In that case, you can bring Snowball, your polar bear stuffed animal. But watch out! The real animals might think he’s a toy and try to grab him during the ceremony, thus scarring you for life and making you build a “pillow house” for Snowball to sleep in every night. Hypothetically.

Don’t get me wrong – public school was a blast, too. Summer abroad in Spain? Athletic uniforms NOT from 1979? Teachers with health insurance!? Pretty sweet. All in all, I think I’m lucky to have experienced the best of both worlds. Although sometimes I do feel conflicted. As a child I raged against the CCD kids who would mess up my desk and *gasp* write on the white boards with SHARPIE. But then in high school (my public years) I was one of them! It’s like my life is Dances With Wolves!

So what about you, readers? Public or private? Or both?

P.S. – I promise not to get Carried away and end every post with a question.


8 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. Public School all the way!! Though in rural NC, we weren’t bothered by pesky birth control lectures either. “Remember, class, the only 100% safe way is abstinence.”

  2. BOTH! But I think my parochial school was a bit stricter than yours. Could be because I to school in the age of dinosaurs. Oh wait, there’s no evolution therefore no dinosaurs – just weird bones god left on the planet to goof on us. 🙂

  3. Hey, watch it! I was a CCD kid! 😛 But as a public school kid, I always kind of wished I had a uniform. Those kids looked like they could get shit DONE.

  4. A few things:

    1. This is hilarious

    2. Public school! I wouldn’t have known you otherwise! Summer abroad in Spain with you as my roomie, faaaaantastic!

    Ok, so that was 2 things, therefore I should’ve written “a couple things” but I went to public school, so maybe I just wasn’t taught properly, huh? 😉

  5. Yes and again yes. Private school all the way. CCD kids ruined my desk and then I got in trouble for it. My public school experience included being taunted with Smarties only to be told that I should eat the purple ones because those were “stupidees.” Thanks, Norfeldt and Mrs. Lloyd.

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