Presenting: The Queens Catalog

Hello, faithful blog readers :). I am proud to announce my latest project: The Queens Catalog. As you may or may not know, Charlotte is often referred to as the “Queen City.” I have spent almost half my life in North Carolina, and I am often guilty of looking for a bigger, better deal. Many […]

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Fearless February! <3

Rabbit, rabbit! Song to Listen to While Reading this Post: “Giving Up the Gun” by Vampire Weekend Good Morning! Glynnis Here – wishing everyone who is reading this a wonderful morning. I’m having coffee on a Gray, Grey Day in the Queen City. I know that February is a loaded month for all of us […]

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Welcome to SAM-burbia

2014. The year that WASN’T on The Kosbie Show. Have you ever been so busy living your life that you ignored your blog for more than year? And during that time, your comedy idol who you named both your dog and blog after was revealed to be a skeezy sexual predator? Haven’t we all done that?!

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Know Your Limits

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend/August-October! My weekend was pretty good (my August through October was pretty fantastico). Only one little incident of tension. Husband and I had the following conversation in our car Friday night:

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Halloween Post – Update!

Happy Monday, Kosbie Fans! For those of you who’ve read my Halloween post from a few years ago, you know that when I was a 7th grader, I went to my school’s Halloween dance dressed as Uncle Fester. Just so you all know that I’m not making this stuff up, I present the following evidence, […]

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